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NBA Live > Wednesday, March-31-2010

NBA Jam Video Preview and Release Date

EA Sports is developing NBA Jam. The project is expected to be ready for a fall debut. The game looks amazing. Here is a video preview:

NBA Live > Tuesday, October-21-2008

NBA Live 09 - What's New? (New Features Video)

Looks sweet:

Madden > Tuesday, July-15-2008

Madden 09 Soundtrack

The complete in-game soundtrack for Madden NFL 09 features the following 26 songs:

Airborne -- Stand Up For Rock & Roll
Busta Rhymes ft.Linkin Park -- We Made It
Disturbed -- Inside The Fire
Franz Ferdinand -- Lucid Dreams
From First To Last -- Worlds Away
Gym Class Heroes -- I'm Home
Hollywood Undead -- Undead
In Flames -- The Mirror's Truth
Izza Kizza -- Millionaire
Innerpartysystem -- Don't Stop
K'NAN -- ABC's
Kardinal Offishall ft. Lindo P -- Burnt
Kidz In The Hall -- Blackout
KOVAS -- Wax ON,Wax Off
Mindless Self Indulgence -- Never Wanted To Dance
Rev Theory -- Hey Yeah
Senses Fail -- Wolves At The Door
Shinedown -- Devour
The All American Rejects -- The Real World(DEMO)
The Fashion -- Like Knives
The Offspring -- Hammerhead
Trivium -- Into The Mouth Of...We March
Tyga -- Diamond Life
Underoath -- Desperate Times Desperate Measures
Wale ft. Southeast Slim -- Breakdown
Young Dre The Truth ft. Good Charlotte -- Workin'

Madden > Tuesday, July-15-2008

Video: Madden 09 Demo

I can't wait.

Madden > Tuesday, July-15-2008

Video: Madden 08 vs. Madden 09 Comparison

This video demonstrates the graphical changes that were made to Madden 09.  The level of detail they put into the 09 edition is incredible.

Madden > Tuesday, July-15-2008

Madden 09 Screenshots

The release of Madden 09 is 4 week away.  August 12 is the official date.  Here are a couple of my favorite screenshots from Madden 09.  The level of detail to the stadiums is incredible.

Brett Favre Madden 09

Madden 09 Screen Shots

Madden 09 Screen Shots

Madden 09 Cardinals Stadium

Madden > Tuesday, July-15-2008

How Madden on the Wii works

Ever wonder how Madden works with the Wii controller?  Here is a video tutorial that explains the controls for Madden on the Wii.  It seems a little complicated, but it seems fun.  I'll still stick with the traditional controller though.

Madden > Wednesday, June-18-2008

Madden 09 Gameplay Footage

Release date of Madden 09 is August 12 everyone.

It looks ridiculous:

Madden > Monday, May-26-2008

Madden 09 FAQ

EA Sports has a great FAQ about Madden 09 posted in their forum.  You can access the full list here.  I'll post a couple of questions that I found interesting.

Why did you change the controller config on 360/PS3?
Though we realize it is very hard to change a configuration once you get used to it, we think that the switch of sprint from the primary X button on PS2 (or A on Xbox) to the trigger was the right move to make, because: 1.) Every other sports game has R2 / RT as sprint, and 2.) It was really awkward to do moves like hurdle and spin (and anything on the R-stick) when you had your thumb planted on the X button. By freeing up all the face buttons and Right- Stick, the moves are much easier to pull off. With all that being said, we have always had a custom controls option where you can change it to anything you like.

Has the “bowling pin” phenomenon been fixed – where players all fall away from a tackle as it happens?
This has been much improved, but since we can’t currently create 5, 6, 7, and 8 man pile-ups or pile-ons, we still do have instances where a defender gets collided with by a large force (a tackle coming right at him) - and just he can’t get out of the way, so rather than interpenetrate he has to play a “fall” animation. We’ve add a lot more avoidance animations and brand new physics-informed fall animations this year so you really won’t see the mass of players all flying everywhere around the pile nearly as often as year’s prior, but there is still room for improvement in this area.

Why isn’t the ESPN broadcast package used in Madden?
EA’s relationship with ESPN and the NFL allows us to provide streamed audio and video directly from ESPN and the NFL. In Madden NFL 09, we provide our fans with access to compelling ESPN and NFL content like NFL Total Access, SportsCenter highlights, PTI segments, etc. We now give you an incredibly fun and realistic football experience with the game and also provide access to compelling football news that only ESPN and the NFL Network could provide.

Have spectacular catches / jet pack catches been toned down?
Yes, definitely. The spectacular catches have been toned way down in terms of how powerful they are, and defenders also have a much easier chance of knocking the ball out (since the receiver is really putting himself out there on big leaping catches like that).

What about fatigue…how has it changed this year?
Our very robust fatigue system was brand new to last year, and it has been tweaked and tuned moreso for Madden NFL 09 to provide much more accurate results. We really want to make sure defensive teams that are getting pounded on with the run game really get tired towards the end of a long drive, and we also wanted to discourage frequent fly routes and no-huddle offenses. The system was further tuned to address these issues.

Have the fumble problems been addressed?
Yes, this was addressed in a patch for Madden NFL 08, and those changes were carried over to Madden NFL 09. After those fixes went in, we also re- factored the way animations, ratings, and weather impacted fumbling – I think you’ll see it’s much more realistic this year.

The full Madden 09 FAQ can be read here.

NCAA Football > Monday, May-26-2008

NCAA Football 09 Gameplay Changes

The first big change to NCAA 09 is the juking.  You'll be able to juke with both the right and left analog sticks, so when you go into your first juke, you can then change you're juke with the second analog.  Check this out.